June, 24th & 25th. Music composition with William "Bilwa" Costa for dance project by Melika Akbari

premiere at HfS Ernst Busch Berlin

June, 6th. Concert series "Concert for 1 Person" 0606, live set

TBA, Berlin

May 23-28th. Hacklab, CTM festival


May 29th, Hacklab live performance 

Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin

May, 5th. Concert series "Concert for 1 Person" 0505 with Shun Momose, live set:

analogue synthesizer, voice, percussion feedback and modified guitar

outdoor garden, Wiesenburg Berlin

May, 4th. "E Flyming" Live set: computer, synthesizer and voice

Loophole, Berlin


April, 30th. Live performance: White Write 3.0

MaHalla Berlin

April, 10th. Live performance: voice, movement and electronics

Montaro Salon, Schreinerstraße 53, Berlin

April, 4th. Concert series "Concert for 1 Person" 0404 with elif gülin soğuksu,

live set: electronics, voice

Event space, Triftstrasse 41, Berlin

April, 1st. Performance: "3 D metal series Part 1: Hull"

Hošek Contemporary, Berlin


March, 3rd. Concert series "Concert for 1 Person" 0303, live set

Event space, Triftstraße 41, Berlin

Feb, 5th. "Game0 : 110" album live set

El Portal, Santo Domingo, DR 

Jan, 28th. Concert: 3 D metal sculpture score for a quartet

Las Galeras, DR

Jan, 26th. Performance: sound and movement with metal

Marble mine, Las Galeras, DR

Jan, 16th. "Game0 : 110" album presentation

Las galeras, DR 


Dec, 30th. Live set: synthesizer, Guitar, tools, voice

Kwia Berlin

Dec, 17-18th. Premiere of MA Choreography Graduation Work

HFS Ernst Busch Berlin

Nov, 27th. Listening Session of upcoming music album Game0: 110

Kwia, Berlin

Oct, 30th. Live act: dance, voice, drum with Aaron Snyder 

Muschkebart, Berlin

Oct, 8-10th. Live concert with William "Bilwa" Costa, 3:33:08

Spirit Festival, Prague, CZ

Oct, 6th. Live concert, debut of duo 3:33:08

Festival cuckoo 9, Klub Brno, Ostrava, CZ

Oct, 1st. Live act: "4 lines of thoughts"

atelier Grolmanstr. 58, Berlin

Sep, 29th. Performance "White Write 2.0"

Kaminami event, Monopol Berlin



Sep, 15-17th, 7pm. Live music for "Road Maintenance Series Nr.1"
Construction site, Revier Südost, Berlin





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