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is a music and dance performance by Dan Su and Cla Pu

The performance was created on behalf of the Berliner Künstlerstätte Gaswerksiedlung, reflecting the backyard-topography of the heat pipes of the Klingenberg thermal power station in Berlin Rummelsburg. The eventful history of the settlement built in 1927 is currently culminating in a reinterpretation of urban gentrification. The integration of COVID19 regulations into the life of the creative scene impressively shows the capacity of improvisational thinking in dealing with existential needs. The hot water pipes running right through the gardens of the estate are a strong symbol for industrial decisions of past decades with effects well into the future. TU BE picks up on these loose ends visually, acoustically and in terms of content, and makes use of flexibility in dealing with changes through protective suits, creation and warmth.

in collaboration with the Gaswerksiedlung Berlin 

live recording 15.8.2020 at gARTen of Gaswerksiedlung Berlin Rummelsburg

Claudio Puntin. Electronics, Clarinets

Dan SuDance, Voice, Tools

costumes. Dan Su, Claudio Puntin

live sound engineer. Johannes Krämer

stage manager. Chris Lundie

lightning operator. Dominique Müller

production. Stephan Kunze

camera. Ari Puntin

video edit. Dan Su

audio mix. Claudio Puntin

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