On an attempt of a chicken soup

choreographydance. musicvideo. visual designtext. Dan Su

3D animationSebastian Schöllhammer

photo. Aïsha Mia

camera. Noam Gorbat

light. technical supportAnsgar Tappert

adastudio support. Gabi Beier

solo performance. Premiered at adastudio, Uferstudio Berlin, August 2019


On a Sunday morning, the thought experiment of attempting a chicken soup evoked my reflection on the process of making itself. Aiming at a chicken soup, I am afraid of getting deeply stuck in the egg. Can one aim something yet produce nothing, or intend nothing but produce anything? What dances between the desire and fear, between the fight and hurt, and between the construction and destruction? If it is not the chicken soup itself that matters, then perhaps it’s our varied projection of that image, floating on the water of the lucid moments that drive one in and out of dreams. At the end, what lives on? No end

Chicken soup artwork.jpg

Chicken soup IIII (EP)

music release. Electronic, May 6th, 2020

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