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CF1P "Concert for 1 Person"

was a year long conceptual improvisation concert series that happened once a month on the date which has the same number of the month (3.3, 4.4, 5.5, 6.6....) from March 2022 to February 2023. Each time just for one audience, and a unique and intimate experience. The formats and the set-ups are influenced by the audience's participation. Locations, themes and guest artists are varied each month. This series pushes the boundary of "concert" experience and reflects critically and creatively around the issues such as existence and belongingness through the natural, artificial and technological force of sound. Listed in a reversed chronological order. Detailed description of the concept and set up of each event can be found on su dance110's soundcloud page.

0202 concert

The last concert "Sailor", no concept, music says everything. For the one audience who embarked on a nomad journey right after this concert.

Kaan Bulak (piano, electronics)
su dance110 (voice, electronics)

0101 site-specific concert


"HTDog" short for "Homeless Touched Dog" took place at a non-place in Berlin, for three separate random audiences in a row. This concert took place at a tunnel which connected two parks with trains passing by on top of our head and the Spree next to it. A non-place is a place we do not normally live in, in which the individuals remains anonymous and lonely. We arrived at this tunnel and it was windy and cold with sparse rain drops. We asked if the homeless person who stayed in the tunnel would like to be our first audience. They replied they would like some symphony. With our scale, we did what we could with our experimental music. At the end, they could not tell if they enjoyed it or not but they gave us a new pack of Christmas star cookies. The second audience told that there seemed to be a message from us and it touched their current living situation, though they had to end us earlier. The last audience came with their dog which almost joined us as a trio.


Guido Kohn (cello)
su dance110 (voice, synthesiser)

1212 concert walk

"Am 爱 in the Nature" is a concert walk in the Rock Creek Park, Washington DC. December in Rock Creek Park, near sunset time, there is still water flowing by, while other shallow parts are already frozen. Brown and sparse green are lazily scattered. Me and the only audience walked down to the thin river, prolonging the silence before the sounds embarked. I prepared four independent recordings for playing back. The audience had two speakers and I had another two. We both listened through headphones from the recorder. While all four speakers playing at the same time, I sang along and live mixed the 4-channel sound by moving their relative positions. The recording is the mix of the live performance and the four pre-recorded sound. While I was singing, I stared into the sky which faded its dark blue into the end of the river. I wonder if that met the spirit of the native American passing by or settling here thousands years ago.

su dance110 (voice, 4-channel speakers, recorder)

1111 performance


"Detox Routine" explores the cleansing routine and toxicity through a moderated improvised fictional procedures.

aemlx (Kashubian friction drum, electronics, voice, movement)
su dance110 (Kashubian friction drum, sythesizer, voice, movement, text)

0909 performance


“Relations are flakes.
They melt when it’s raining. 
At the end of the day, 
you wake up.
Beautiful sunlight,   
paralyzed in tears.”

"Anim_A" was performed with a composition of movement score, written score, and improvised voice. It was recorded in two different spaces, one from the church, and the other inside the organ. The audience was invited to experience in both spaces. Inside the organ, the voice was heard through bluetooth speaker, accompanied intimately by the noise from the organ pipes.

Romain Bertheau (organ)
su dance110 (organ, voice, movement)

0808 experiment 

"MY LOVE IS FAKE" is a listening experiment using both AI and human generated poem. This listening experiment applies a two-way factorial experimental design: two different versions of poem using the same set of words, one generated by AI and the other generated by me; read by computer female voice, male voice and my voice, resulting in six variations of the poem reading. The audience was provided with the information of these six readings and its order except for the information about which poem is generated by AI. We played both the pre-recorded and live soundscape during the poem reading. Afterwards the audience was asked about their guess which is the AI generated poem and shared with us their experience.

You are welcome to participate the reflection through our recording and leave comments: 
What is your guess, which poem is generated by AI?
What do you prefer, the machine/algorithms or human?

JacqNoise (modular synthesizer, AI generated poem)
su dance110 (synthesizer, voice, human generated poem, experiment score)

Recorded indoor

0707 sound walk

"Map for Belonging" was recorded during the walk according to a sonic map. We collected a short interview with the audience about the meaning of “the sense of belonging” and the location that reminded the audience of “home”. We designed a sonic map according to the audience’s answers and our own answers. The map is a score for blind walks, field recording playbacks and stations of live acts, shared through our conversations happening casually along. Space within a space was created. The recording captured sonically in real time of this journey. 

Key time point summary:
00:00 conversation about sense of belonging at the cafe
00:19 blind walk with field recording playback of the cafe
00:32 electronics feedback and voice
00:38 conversation about the reflection of the previous blindfolded listening 
00:49 set up, coffee making in public, field recording playback
01:17 coffee drinking in silence
01:21 conversation about home

Wei Kang Beh (field recording, coffee making tools, conversation)
su dance110 (field recording, voice, electronics feedback, conversation)
The audience (conversation)

0606 site-specific concert

In "Sonic Homeopathy" we simulate and interact with the natural ambient sound on two layers. The first layer is the real time playback of the natural ambient sound. The second layer is the simulated ambient sound through synthesizers. Audience listens through headphones with the ambient mode, meaning the natural ambient and simulated ambient sound could bypass the headphones in addition to what is played through the headphones. The ambiguity between what is natural or what is simulated/artificial is thus created in the listening experience. Through the multi-layered set up, the natural sound is diluted through digital devices. The homeopathic listening to the surroundings is encouraged. 

Natural factors that affected the set: wind, birds, rain drops, voice, ambient noise.
The recording is the mix of the recording of natural ambient sound, real time playback of the natural ambient sound and the simulated ambient sound. 
Equipment setup: electronics, text playback through speaker, ambient sound playback from recorder to speaker, headphones for synthesised sound and text reading.

Audience listening environment: outdoor garden, occasionally small rain, cloudy, listen with umbrella and headphones.Audience hearing sound sources: bypass natural ambient sound, bypass playback of ambient sound, simulated ambient sound and text reading through headphones.

Mizuki Ishikawa (electronics)

su dance110 (electronics, text)

0505 site-specific concert

"䁝" (shimmering) was the experience described by the audience. It was an improvised concert designed and set up in an outdoor garden. Both the audience and players were surrounded by greens for the listening and viewing environment.

Shun Momose (percussion feedback, modified guitar)

su dance110 (analogue synthesizer, tools, voice)

0404 concert

This improvised concert was motivated by the audience input from the beginning. The key words of this concert "精灵流光" (essential, spirit, & motion glow) were given by the audience.

elif gülin soğuksu (voice, electronics)

su dance110 (voice, synthesisers)

0303 concert

The first concert for one person "初" started during the isolation of the pandemic. Playing a concert specifically for one person in a specific set-up became special for me as a reaction and reflection towards the outside phobia, alienation, anxiety and uncertainty.

su dance110 (voice, synthesiser)

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