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A durational audio-visual performance and installation by Dan Su

White Write 2.0

Double feedback loops focus on the process of writing instead of the meaning that is behind the characters and lines that are formed during the writing.
The laser senses the distance between the body and the surface of the outer boundaries, which controls and cuts off the deep continuous soundscape. The body as an empty agency that follows the trace of the laser dot and the trace of the interactive soundscape, negotiates the movement in between, instantly composing the orientation, silence and rhythms. As a return, the visible traces are left behind through the traditional medium (ink on rice paper), while the electronics that is constantly interacting leaves invisible traces. 
By putting the digital and traditional media together, White Write 2.0 reflects if the future of writing no more serves the history, probing post-humanism and transhumanism through interactive calligraphy and sound writing.

White Write 2.0Monopol Berlin, September 2021

electronic sensor. Neumond electronics 

video footages. Kami Nami


White Write 1.0

Does writing still have a future? Compared to the process of automatically engraving data in an invisible cloud, writing by hand on a physical format seems to be outdated. In an eye-blink, the data are written, but manual writing requires one to slow down, one word after another. As Vilém Flusser stated, “The result is a new experience of time, that is, linear time, a stream of unstoppable progress, of dramatic unrepeatability, of framing, in short, history.” 

If writing survives in this digital world, perhaps the focus should be on how to write. In this performance installation, the body is the medium of writing. Following the stream of consciousness, body creates the dialogue between the inner and outer motion. WHITE refers to the emptiness or nothingness that is writing. In this process, I observe what comes from within, and spontaneously transport with my body in writing. By focusing on the process instead of the meaning, the Chinese character sometimes transforms into the meaningless line that follows its own direction and rhythm. Furthermore, observing what's written gives feedback to what's coming next. The loops continue in the motion of an open system which is the host of the emptiness and nothingness. What is foreseeable is not the future but the current moment.


White Write 1.0. Studio Weichselstraße 48, Berlin, February 2020

video footagesMelika Akbari Asl and Karsten Dirk Gloger

video editDan Su

curator. Claire Federica Crescini

technical supportHochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch
studio supportThomas Georgi

photo.  Melika Akbari Asl and Andreea Hriscu

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