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            05.24. Trio: su dance110(voice, electronics), Utku Tavil (drums), Paula Sanchez (intervened Cello, electronics). Biegungen event series.

            |  Ausland, Berlinln

            05.17. “Shang Can” solo album release event with an8x collective.

            |  90mil, Berlin

            05.10. Collaboration with Ilia Gorovitz, album Obfuscation release.

            |  Kantine Am Berghain, Berlin


            04.21. Live music for dance by Min Yoon as part of the closing event of Exhibition GADAG

            |  Oyoun Club, Berlin


            04.19. 3:33:08 live set opening for band HIDE.

            |  An der Autobahn, Berlin

            04.14. Concert "Stille Oper". Event series Organ Sequence.

            |  Taborkirche, Berlin


            04.05. Solo live performance, event series Das Zwischen through Music Board Berlin.

            |  90mil, Berlin

            02.22. Solo live performance SCENSOR series. Event Broek.

            |  xxxster, Berlin

            01.22. Solo live performance. Event by Chaosxmusica.

            |  Sante Cafe, Bali, Indonesia


            01.20. Pre-release sharing concert of “Stille Oper”. Duo collaboration set with Bintang Marina Manik. midheaven concert tour.

            |  Exramoniumklub, warehouse gudsel, Bandung, Indonesia

            01.15. Solo live set. midheaven concert tour.

            |  Rumah Kuri, Bandung, Indonesia

            01.13. Solo live performance. midheaven concert tour.

            |  Moutou, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


            01.09. Solo live set. midheaven concert tour.

            |  Ruas Records Store, Penang, Malaysia


            01.04. Solo live performance. midheaven concert tour.

            |  COEX, Penang, Malaysia

. . 12.14. Sound Performance. “HUMANO BIOTOP” event by poemberlin. |  Roter Salon, Volksbühne, Berlin 12.10. EP “Mint Violetta” Release Concert with band Das Ende Der Liebe |  Sisyphos, Berlin 12.04. su dance110 (vocals, electronics), Margaret Unknown (lap steel, vocals), Teresa Riemann (drums, vocals). Come Down Easy event series. |  Hinterraum, Berlin 11.18. Concert tour with band Das Ende Der Liebe. |  Ono2, Frankfurt 11.17. Concert tour with band Das Ende Der Liebe. |  Loch, Wuppertal 11.09. 3:33:08 & Nihiloxica concerts. |  Supamolly, Berlin 10.21.&22. Conference B.A.L.L. Lab “The writing beyond yester-tomorrow”. |  Fonds-daku, Hamburg 10.14. Performance with Sabrina Rosina “Toxic Temple”. “HUMANO BIOTOP” event by poemberlin. |  Roter Salon, Volksbühne, Berlin 10.06. Music “3:33:08” debut album release event with cassette and object editions. |  Secrete Location, Berlin 09.22. Solo experimental electrics live set. O_U event series. |  Punctum, Prague 09.08. Experimental music performance from lab “The writing beyond yester-morrow”. |  C-Space, Berlin 08.25. Workshop. “From bodily and extended writing to the sonic world”. Invited by Hang Su. |  C-Space, Berlin 07.29. Sound performance. Festival Gaswerk Art Days. |  Commissioned by Gaswerksiedlung Berlin 07.07. Concert with Band Das Ende Der Liebe. |  Gart.n, Gaswerksiedlung Berlin 07.01.&02. Premiering solo metal performance "Tuō". SommerFestival. |  commissioned by Tanzhalle Wiesenburg Berlin 06.19. Release of conceptual single "Game0 (Remix)" |  Global 06.14. Premiering remix track "Game0”. Blaues Rauschen Festival. |  Schlegel Kultur Club, Bochum, Germany 04.27.-05.02. Performance and installation with ”Toxic Temple”. Donau Festival. |  Krems, Austria 04.12. Concert performance "E Flyming" . STURMUNRDANG event series.  |  Arkaoda Berlin 02.21. Film screening "Game0: 110" and live sound performance. |  Molt Berlin 02.02. Concert series "Concert for 1 Person" 0202 with Kaan Bulak. |  Feralnote, Berlin 01.20. Premiere of film 'HAUT' with original score by su dance110 |  Molt Berlin 01.19. "Ctrl + H" Control/hacking game sound performance using Max-msp. W/ Wei Kang Beh. |  Liebig 12, Berlin 01.12. Trio: su dance110 (vocals), Ilia Gorovitz (drums), Bilwa (electronics, samples). Broek event series. |  XXXster, Berlin 01.01. Concert series "Concert for 1 Person" 0101 with Guido Kohn, site-specific concert. |  non-place public, Berlin

. . 12.28. Solo performance "on needle and wheel"; duo 3:33:08 music project. Event series by Chromatic Wednesday |  Apartment Project Berlin 12.12. Concert series "Concert for 1 Person" 1212, concert walk with 4-channel speakers and voice  |  Rock Creek Park, Washington DC 11.11. Concert series "Concert for 1 Person" 1111, performance w/ aemlx |  ACUD Gallery, Berlin 11.10. Solo concert: composition "Y Flyming", the third part of the trilogy composition "Flyming" for electronics, voice and objects. Event series by Sauna Studio Berlin |  Muschkebart, Gaswerksiedlung, Berlin 10.30. Solo concert performance: composition "E Flyming", the first part of the trilogy composition "Flyming" for electronics and voice. Event of Organ Series by Romain Bertheau   |  Taborkirche, Berlin 10.26. Solo experimental set "my social media practice": instagram, kick drum, voice. Event by Ilia Gorovitz |  PAS, Berlin 10.21.&22. Performing production "All things under dog where two things are always true" by Monica Mirabile. Creamcake Berlin's 3rd Festival |  HAU2, Berlin 10.15. Improvisation set with Margaret Unknown. Event BRUITAL BERLIN FURORE |  Backsteinboot, Berlin 10.14. Solo live set: electronics, voice and movement. Event "盘丝洞" by an8x |  Kwia, Berlin 10.06. Improvisation set with Alexander Kranabetter, Sofía Salvo, Margaret Unknown. Event series Unheimlich Unheimlich |  TrXXXtR, Berlin 09.30. 3:33:08 duo live Concert  |  PAS, Berlin 09.16-10.02. Group exhibition “Co_Vid” |  Galerie KUB, Leibzig 09.23. 3:33:08 duo live Concert Berlin debut |  Jugend[widerstands]museum Galiläakirche, Berlin 09.16. Solo live set at the opening of exhibition "Co_vid: Wir im Um_bruch". |  Galerie KUB, Kantstr. 18, Leipzig 09.10. Sound Performance "A_M_19" w/ lika bari. Berlin Noise Festival |  Jugend[widerstands]museum Galiläakirche, Berlin 09.09. Concert series "Concert for 1 Person" 0909 w/ Romain Bertheau |  Taborkirche, Berlin 08.27. Concert with band "Center for Mind and Brain" |  gART.n, Gaswerksiedlung, Berlin 08.30. Solo concert: composition "W Flyming", the second part of the trilogy composition "Flyming" for electronics, objects and voice. Wiesenburg Sommerfest |  Tanzhalle Wiesenburg, Berlin 08.17. Live set w/ Gina Luo and William "Bilwa" Costa at F.O.F event |  AL Berlin 08.08. Concert series "Concert for 1 Person" 0808 w/ Jacky Noise, electronics and text  |  Private, Berlin 08.05. LEO concert, guest singer. Egael event series   |  Villa Kuriosum, Berlin 07.27. Tender Rippleflux radio show on Cashmere Radio. music contribution. |  Online 07.07. Concert series "Concert for 1 Person" 0707 w/ Wei Kang Beh, sound walk: field recordings, electronics feedback and voice |  outdoor public, Berlin 06.24.-25. Premiere of 3:33:08 music composition for dance project "d!s-rupted" commissioned by Melika Akbari |  HfS Ernst Busch Berlin 06.18. Kiosk Radio "Outsiders". music contribution. |  Online 06.06. Concert series "Concert for 1 Person" 0606 w/ Mizuki Ishikawa, live set: electronics and text |  Private indoor garden, Berlin 05.23-28. Hacklab, CTM festival |  AL.Berlin 05.29. Hacklab live performance  |  Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin 05.05. Concert series "Concert for 1 Person" 0505 w/ Shun Momose, live set: analogue synthesizer, voice, percussion feedback and modified guitar |  Outdoor garden, Wiesenburg Berlin 05.04. Solo concert performance: composition "E Flyming", the first part of the trilogy composition "Flyming" for electronics and voice. Egael event series |  Loophole, Berlin 04.10. Live performance on theme "migration": voice, movement and electronics curated by Jos McKain |  Montaro Salon, Schreinerstraße 53, Berlin 04.04. Concert series "Concert for 1 Person" 0404 w/ elif gülin soğuksu, live set: electronics, voice |  Private, Berlin 04.01. Performance: "3 D metal series Part 1: Hull" |  Hošek Contemporary, Berlin 03.26. RBL Radio Show "Hijack". music contribution. |  Online 03.03. Concert series "Concert for 1 Person" 0303, solo live set |  Private, Berlin 02.05. "Game0 : 110" album live set |  El Portal, Santo Domingo, DR  01.28. Concert: 3 D metal sculpture score for a quartet |  Las Galeras, DR 01.26. Performance: sound and movement with metal |  Marble mine, Las Galeras, DR 01.16. "Game0 : 110" album presentation |  Las galeras, DR

. . 12.30. Live set: Synthesizer, Guitar, tools, voice |  Kwia Berlin 12. 17-18. Premiere of MA Choreography Graduation Work |  HFS Ernst Busch Berlin 11.27. Listening Session of upcoming music album Game0: 110 |  Kwia, Berlin 10.30. Live act: dance, voice, drum with Aaron Snyder  |  Muschkebart, Berlin 10.08-10. Live concert with William "Bilwa" Costa [3:33:08] |  Spirit Festival, Prague, CZ 10.06. Live concert, debut of duo 3:33:08. Festival cuckoo 9 |  Klub Brno, Ostrava, CZ 10.01. Live act: "4 lines of thoughts” with electronics and movement |  Atelier Grolmanstr. 58, Berlin 09.29. Performance "White Write 2.0”. Kaminami event  |  Monopol Berlin 09.15-17. Premiere of composition for performance production “Road Maintenance Series Nr.1" |  Construction site, Revier Südost, Berlin

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