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June 14th, solo performance at Blaues Rauschen Festival, Ruhrgebiet, Germany

April 25th - May 1st, choreographer and noise musician, "Toxic Temple" performance at Donau Festival, Krems, Austria

February, 21st. Film screening "Game0: 110" and live sound performance.

Molt Berlin

February, 2nd. Concert series "Concert for 1 Person" 0202 with Kaan Bulak.

Feralnote, Berlin

January 20th. Premiere of film 'HAUT' with original score by su dance110

Molt Berlin

January 19th. "Ctrl + H" Control/hacking game sound performance using Max-msp. W/ Wei Kang Beh.

Liebig 12, Berlin

January 12th. Trio: su dance110 (vocals), Ilia Gorovitz (drums), Bilwa (electronics, samples). Broek event series.

XXXster, Berlin

January, 1st. Concert series "Concert for 1 Person" 0101 with Guido Kohn, site-specific concert.

non-place public, Berlin






December, 28th. Solo set: electronics, objects, movement and voice; duo 3:33:08 music project. Event series by Chromatic Wednesday

Apartment Project Berlin

December, 12th. Concert series "Concert for 1 Person" 1212, concert walk with 4-channel speakers and voice 

Rock Creek Park, Washington DC

November, 11th. Concert series "Concert for 1 Person" 1111, performance w/ aemlx

ACUD Gallery, Berlin

November, 10th. Solo concert: composition "Y Flyming", the third part of the trilogy composition "Flyming" for electronics, voice and objects. Event series by Sauna Studio Berlin 

Muschkebart, Gaswerksiedlung, Berlin

October, 30th. Solo concert performance: composition "E Flyming", the first part of the trilogy composition "Flyming" for electronics and voice. Event of Organ Series by Romain Bertheau  

Taborkirche, Berlin

October, 26th. solo experimental set "my social media practice": instagram, kick drum, voice. Event by Ilia Gorovitz

PAS, Berlin

October, 21st and 22nd. Performing production "All things under dog where two things are always true" by Monica Mirabile. Creamcake Berlin's 3rd Festival

HAU2, Berlin

October, 15th. Improvisation set with Margaret Unknown. Event BRUITAL BERLIN FURORE

Backsteinboot, Berlin

October, 14th. Solo live set: electronics, voice and movement. Event "盘丝洞" by an8x

Kwia, Berlin

October, 6th. Improvisation set with Alexander Kranabetter, Sofía Salvo, Margaret Unknown. Event series Unheimlich Unheimlich

TrXXXtR, Berlin

September, 30th. 3:33:08 duo live Concert 

PAS, Berlin


September 16th - October 2nd. Group exhibition at Galerie KUB, Leibzig

September, 23rd. 3:33:08 duo live Concert Berlin debut

Jugend[widerstands]museum Galiläakirche, Berlin

September, 16th. Solo live set at the opening of exhibition "Co_vid: Wir im Um_bruch". Galerie KUB, Kantstr. 18, Leipzig

September, 10th. Sound Performance "A_M_19" w/ lika bari. Berlin Noise Festival

Jugend[widerstands]museum Galiläakirche, Berlin


September, 9th. Concert series "Concert for 1 Person" 0909 w/ Romain Bertheau

Taborkirche, Berlin


August, 27th. Concert with band "Center for Mind and Brain"

gART.n, Gaswerksiedlung, Berlin

August, 30th. Solo concert: composition "W Flyming", the second part of the trilogy composition "Flyming" for electronics, objects and voice. Wiesenburg Sommerfest

Tanzhalle Wiesenburg, Berlin

August, 17th. Concert and Performance w/ Gina Luo and William "Bilwa" Costa at F.O.F event

AL Berlin

August, 8th. Concert series "Concert for 1 Person" 0808 w/ Jacky Noise, electronics and text 

Privrate, Berlin

August, 5th. LEO concert, guest singer. Egael event series  

Villa Kuriosum, Berlin

July, 27th. Tender Rippleflux radio show on Cashmere Radio. music contribution.


July, 7th. Concert series "Concert for 1 Person" 0707 w/ Wei Kang Beh, sound walk: field recordings, electronics feedback and voice

outdoor public, Berlin



June, 24th & 25th. 3:33:08 Music composition for dance project "d!s-rupted" commissioned by Melika Akbari

premiere at HfS Ernst Busch Berlin


June, 18th. Kiosk Radio "Outsiders". music contribution.

June, 6th. Concert series "Concert for 1 Person" 0606 w/ Mizuki Ishikawa,

live set: electronics and text

Private indoor garden, Berlin

May 23-28th. Hacklab, CTM festival


May 29th, Hacklab live performance 

Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin

May, 5th. Concert series "Concert for 1 Person" 0505 w/ Shun Momose, live set:

analogue synthesizer, voice, percussion feedback and modified guitar

outdoor garden, Wiesenburg Berlin

May, 4th. Solo concert performance: composition "E Flyming", the first part of the trilogy composition "Flyming" for electronics and voice. Egael event series   

Loophole, Berlin

April, 10th. Live performance on theme "migration": voice, movement and electronics curated by Jos McKain

Montaro Salon, Schreinerstraße 53, Berlin

April, 4th. Concert series "Concert for 1 Person" 0404 w/ elif gülin soğuksu,

live set: electronics, voice

Privrate, Berlin

April, 1st. Performance: "3 D metal series Part 1: Hull"

Hošek Contemporary, Berlin


March, 26th. RBL Radio Show "Hijack". music contribution.

March, 3rd. Concert series "Concert for 1 Person" 0303, solo live set

Private, Berlin

Feb, 5th. "Game0 : 110" album live set

El Portal, Santo Domingo, DR 

Jan, 28th. Concert: 3 D metal sculpture score for a quartet

Las Galeras, DR

Jan, 26th. Performance: sound and movement with metal

Marble mine, Las Galeras, DR

Jan, 16th. "Game0 : 110" album presentation

Las galeras, DR 


Dec, 30th. Live set: Synthesizer, Guitar, tools, voice

Kwia Berlin

Dec, 17-18th. Premiere of MA Choreography Graduation Work

HFS Ernst Busch Berlin

Nov, 27th. Listening Session of upcoming music album Game0: 110

Kwia, Berlin

Oct, 30th. Live act: dance, voice, drum with Aaron Snyder 

Muschkebart, Berlin

Oct, 8-10th. Live concert with William "Bilwa" Costa, 3:33:08

Spirit Festival, Prague, CZ

Oct, 6th. Live concert, debut of duo 3:33:08

Festival cuckoo 9, Klub Brno, Ostrava, CZ

Oct, 1st. Live act: "4 lines of thoughts"

atelier Grolmanstr. 58, Berlin

Sep, 29th. Performance "White Write 2.0"

Kaminami event, Monopol Berlin



Sep, 15-17th, 7pm. Live music for "Road Maintenance Series Nr.1"
Construction site, Revier Südost, Berlin





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