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Dan Su is a transdisciplinary artist, composer, musician and choreographer who work with sound and movement in the context of music, performance and art. With a playful gesture, their work tell open narratives. Centered around the interplay of ontology, cybernetics, psychology, and methodology, their work attempts to evoke the fifth ghostly dimension, and to create new experiences in the unimaginable landscapes. su dance110 is the alias of Dan Su in the realm of sound & music.

"Hunting a vision of Raw, Pure & Uncompromising." Formally trained in dance/choreography (HZT, Berlin University of the Arts, HfS Ernst Busch, University of Wisconsin-Madison) and quantitative methodology/statistics in Educational Psychology (University of Wisconsin-Madison U.S.), they hybridize scientific and artistic thinking in their experimental design, sound research and movement research. Their choreography includes elements of bodies at the borderline, fragmented, uncontrolled, or hung bodies, grounded in their "Lazy Body" movement practice. Their sound practice incorporates both corporeal and non-human movements, actions, voice, improvisations and experimentations with self-built objects, feedback systems, and raw materials, in combination with electronics. Working with rooms, sites, situations, and unplanned narratives, their practice explores and challenges what could be unpredictably experienced and perceived.

Composition and Soundscape 22        Flyming  |  trilogy composition "E", "W" and "Y" for solo voice, objects, synthesizers and electronics, total 91:10 min             Haut soundtrack  |  composition for short film: Haut, 10min             d!s  |  3:33:08 scoring for dance performance: d!s - rupted, 60 min             3 D metal series part 2   |  composition for quartet: violin, double bass, trumpet, motorbike, 12 min              3 D metal series part 1   |  soundscape for sound and movement performance, 42 min   21         unmeasurement   |  composition for construction-site performance: Road Maintenance Series Nr.01, 52 min             DTM  |  composition for performance: Dark Twisted Mind, 32 min 20         Stille Oper  |  composition for performance: Riss, 20 min             White Write  |  soundscape for performance: WHITE WRITE 白 写, 3 hour  19         Chicken Soup IIII   |  composition for dance performance: On an attempt of a chicken soup, 21 min ​ Music Release​ 23        3:33:08  |  collaboration with William "Bilwa" Costa, 3087 Records 22         Pe-13.or0  |  collaboration with Claudio Puntin, LP, 3087 Records 21        Game0: 110  |  solo debut multimedia album 20         Chicken Soup IIII  |  EP             Blue Eyes  |  single 19         Today I am  |  single ​ Performance, Installation and Choreography Production 22        my social media practice  |  conceptual improvisation: voice and text with random feed of Instagram sound (Petersburg Art Space, Berlin)             A_M_19    |   sound performance with human body, objects and electronics (Berlin Noise Festival, Galiläakirche)             3 D metal series part 1: Marble Mine   |   site-specific movement and sound performance (Las Galeras, DR) 21         Gentle Brutality    |   music and dance performance (HfS, Berlin)             Dark Twisted Mind  |  interactive audio-visual performance and installation (HfS, Berlin)             untitled series: basement, toilette, attic  |  installations and performances 5.05 min, 2.30 min, 25 min  (Torhaus, Stadt Wehlen, DE)             Duet: on the way to forget  |  site-specific dance performance  (Dominican Republic) 20        Riss  |  installative music and dance performance  (Orpheus Festival, Staatsoper Berlin)             TU BE  |  commissioned site-specific music and dance performance  (Gaswerksiedlung, Berlin)             WHITE WRITE 白 写  |  three hours audio-visual performance and installation  (Studio48 & Monopol, Berlin) 19        On an attempt of a chicken soup  |  solo performance  (Ada studio, Berlin) 18         I EYE I  |  trio dance performance  (Tanzfabrik, Berlin)             Ready to Explode  |  trio dance performance  (Uferstudio, Berlin) 17         Roots  |  solo performance  (UW-Madison, U.S.) ​ Other Selected Act 23 Live show premiering new tracks |  25 min (Blauesrauschen Festival, Schlegel Kultur Club, Bochum, Germany) “Toxic Temple” Performance  |  Long-durational (Donau Festival, Krems, Austria) 22 Conceptual improvisation concert series "Concert for 1 person"  |  various time lengths (spaces including public, private, site-specific, gallery and non-space space)             Hacklab finale  |  evening show (CTM Festival, Kunsthaus Bethanien, Berlin) 21                3:33:08 duo music debut with William "Bilwa" Costa   |  33 min (This Is Not Art Festival, Klub Brno, Ostrava, CZ)             “Mehr Licht [mir so schlecht]” performance with Bruno Pocheron and group  |  42 min  (Wiesenburg & Ausland Berlin)  20                Improvisation: dance, voice and saxophone with Zhenya Strigalev  |  15 min (XJAZZ Festival, Emmaus Kirche, Berlin)             “TU BE” music and dance performance with Claudio Puntin  |  44 min  (XJAZZ Festival, Gaswerksiedlung, Berlin) ​ Short Film 21        Game0 : 110  | full length film for music album Game0 : 110 (Berlin), exhibited at MOLT Berlin             On Zone and Gap 区 间  |  conceptual short (Berlin), exhibited at KUB Galerie, Leipzig 20        Breath Span  |  poem film  (Albi, France), exhibited in “Toxic Temple” performance at Donau Festival, Krems, Austria             Erosion Project  |  dance film features brutalist architecture (Madison, U.S.), premiered at Oberhausen Film Festival, Germany 19         Blue Eyes  |  music video  (Salzburg, Austria)        18         Today I am  | music video  (New Mexican, U.S.)             Bird beyond Bird  |  experimental shorts with animation (Berlin)             Why Lolli  |  music/dance video  (Chicago, U.S.)             Wood in Mood  |  dance film  (Austria), premiered at Tanzfabrik Berlin 17        Dare to Dance in Public  |  site-specific dance performance  (Berlin), premiered at Tanzfabrik Berlin             Next Door  |  dance film  (Vienna), exhibited at Organhaus, Chongqing China             Verboten  |  experimental short  (Vienna), premiered at ImpulsTanz Festival ​ Visual and Mixed Media 22         You are caught by the waves | sculptural objects 21         Body and Environment  | site-specific painting installation 21        untitled series         | site-specific sculptural objects installation 19         WHITE WRITE 白 写  | performance installation 20         Mutation 19  | series of drawings on paper and in digital

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