Mu = model, Nu = noise, I make Mu [ Nu ] + Nu

su dance110 (a.k.a Dan Su, born in Kunming, China) is an artist, musician, choreographer and performer currently based in Berlin. Being formerly trained as a statistician and dancer, su has fully embarked on her artistic path, creating work in a “Raw, Pure & Uncompromising” way. su's approach to art is non-singular. Hybridising the scientific and artistic thinking, su's work is situated at the intersections of multiple media and methodologies. Experimental design, sound research, movement research, and processing still and moving images are her practices that feed to each other back and forth. Philosophically grounded in the second-order cybernetics, su looks into the interactivity within plurality and radical paradigm shifts of methodologies. Politically su works on raising the voice of marginalised, oppressed beings. su’s choreography includes elements of bodies at the borderline; fragmented, uncontrolled, or hung bodies. su aims at the unimaginable landscapes, unanswerable questions, and unprovable truths.

"Passionate about performance, I am interested in creating worlds that live on their own. (hmmm, what it means by living, and on their own?)

I use composition, improvisation and algorithms to generate and shape the experience through the dialogical interaction of body, movement, sound and colour.

I am in search of the atoms that float between chaos, order, stochastic, deterministic, brutality and gentleness, in grey zones, and out of continuous time.

perhaps they are fundamentally untraceable?!


Being an outsider constantly,

I am interested in creating visual and audio experience that seduce peopleto migrate, to exile, into an odd bubble.

The space where I feel being as an alien and never at home,

is brutal, futuristic, raw

with a precious longing for gentleness.

So long

for p ( su | 0D, 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D...NDimention)

 { repeat (waiting where the probability is deadly low),

    ever gonna happen!? 


dead loop"  

Music Composition and Soundscape

2021    unmeasurement  |  construction site performance Road Maintenance Series Nr.01, 52 min

            DTM  |  performance Dark Twisted Mind, 32 min

2020    Stille Oper  |  performance Riss, 21 min

            White Write  |  performance installation WHITE WRITE 白 写, 3 hour 

2019    Chicken Soup IIII  |  dance performance On an attempt of a chicken soup, 21 min

Live Act

2021   3:33:08 duo debut  |  33 min (Klub Brno, Ostrava, CZ)

           White Write 2.0  |   1h 30min (Monopol, Berlin)

           4 lines of thoughts  |  21 min  (Grolmanstr. 58 Berlin)  

           untitled series: basement, toilette, attic  |  5.05 min, 2.30 min, 25 min  (Stadt Wehlen, DE)

           Mehr Licht [mir so schlecht]  |  42 min  (Wiesenburg Berlin, Ausland Berlin) 

2020   TU BE  |  44 min  (Gaswerksiedlung, Berlin)

Music Release

2022    Project 3:33:08  |  collaboration with William "Bilwa" Costa, LP, in progress

2022    untitled  |  collaboration with Claudio Puntin, LP, in progress

2021    Game0: 110  |  solo debut album, in progress

2020    Chicken Soup IIII  |  Electronic music, EP

            Blue Eyes  |  Alternative, single

2019    Today I am  |  Electronic music, single

Choreography and Performance

2021    Dark Twisted Mind  |  Interactive audio-visual installation performance  (HfS, Berlin)

            Duet: on the way to forget  |  Site-specific dance performance  (Dominican Republic)

2020    Riss  |  Installative music and dance performance  (Staatsoper Berlin)

            TU BE  |  Commissioned site-specific music and dance performance  (Gaswerksiedlung, Berlin)

            WHITE WRITE 白 写  |  Three hours audio-visual performance installation  (48Studio, Berlin)

2019    On an attempt of a chicken soup  |  Solo performance  (Ada studio, Berlin)
I EYE I  |  Trio dance performance  (Tanzfabrik, Berlin)
Ready to Explode  |  Trio dance performance  (Uferstudio, Berlin)
Roots  |  Solo performance  (UW-Madison, U.S.)

Short Film

2021    2020   |  Music video  (Berlin)

2020    On Zone and Gap 区 间  |  Experimental short  (Berlin)

            Breath Span  |  Poem film  (Albi, France)

            Erosion Project  |  Dance film features brutalist architecture  (Madison, U.S.)

            Pong plays  |  Music video  (Berlin)

2019    Blue Eyes  |  Music video  (Salzburg, Austria)       

2018    Today I am  | Music video  (New Mexican, U.S.)

            Bird beyond Bird  |  Experimental shorts with animation  (Berlin)
Why Lolli  |  Dance film  (Chicago, U.S.)
Wood in Mood  |  Dance film  (Austria)

2017    Dare to Dance in Public  |  Site-specific dance performance  (Berlin) 

            Next Door  |  Dance film  (Vienna) 

            Verboten  |  Experimental short  (Vienna)

Visual Art 

            up-to-date drawings and paintings

            digital art listed on 

Collaboration Projects 

             with William "Bilwa" Costa   |   music project 3:33:08   

             with Claudio Puntin  |  upcoming music album  

             with Zhenya Strigalev  |  music and dance videos funded by Rainy Jazz label 

             with Neumond  |  interactive sound and movement performance

             with Bruno Pocheron  |  interactive sound and light project

             collective co.lab  |  festival for collaboration methodology 


2021    OIIOIOOI residency at Torhaus Stadt Wehlen Germany

            Gaswerk encuentro con el CARIBE residency at Dominican Republic 

Grants and Awards

2017    American Educational Research Association Dissertation Grant 

            Awarded by The National Science Foundation, Grant #DRL-1749275

2011    Meritorious Winner of Interdisciplinary Contest in Modelling

            Awarded by The Consortium for Mathematics and Its Application

2010    National Scholarship

2009    Awarded by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China



2021    MA, Choreography, HZT, Universität der Künste Berlin and Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch

2018    PhD, Quantitative Methodology, University of Wisconsin - Madison, U.S.

2015    MS, Quantitative Methodology in Educational Psychology, University of Wisconsin - Madison, U.S.